Investment Team
John H. N. Fisher
More than a generation ago we established our firm's logo as a graphic globe on top of a Greek delta, symbolizing our ambition to help change the world. Looking back at our investments in such companies as SolarCity, Tesla, SpaceX, Skype, Baidu, Athenahealth, Box, Twilio, Redfin, Planet, Yammer, and Overture, among many others, we can be proud of our contribution to global progress, which is achieved through our partnerships with dazzlingly talented entrepreneurs and our focused dedication to company building.

John H. N. Fisher is a co-founder of DFJ. His venture capital industry experience dates to 1985, when he worked at ABS Ventures, focused on enterprise software and services. Prior to ABS Ventures, John focused on technology finance at Alex, Brown & Sons.

John is an ongoing partner on the DFJ Growth team. He is at present responsible for the firm’s investments in Aera, Katerra, and Pulsepoint. His previous investments include CafeMedia (acquired by Zelnick); SolarCity, which went public and was later acquired by Tesla (TSLA); Good Technology (acquired by Blackberry); SafeView (L3); Wit Capital, which went public and later merged with SoundView (Schwab); Selectica, which went public and later became Determine; Webline (Cisco); Rightpoint (Epiphany); Software Quality Automation, which went public and was later acquired by Rational (IBM); and Medior (AOL). On behalf of various DFJ funds, John sourced the firm's investments in Baidu (BIDU), Hotmail (Microsoft), United Online (UNTD), and Combinet (CSCO).

John graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Business School. He serves on the board of non-profit Common Sense Media, and is a Trustee Emeritus of the California Academy of Sciences.