| 6.4.24 |
DFJ Growth Partners Named to Midas List
DFJ Growth Partners Randy Glein and Barry Schuler named to the 2024 Midas List, Forbes’ ranking of the world’s top venture capitalists.
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| 5.24.24 |
Scale AI: The Data Foundry for AI
We are thrilled to announce our investment in Scale AI’s $1 billion Series F financing as part of our expanding thesis and growing portfolio in the generative AI movement.
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| 2.16.24 |
Victor Velculescu, DELFI Diagnostics — Founder Story
"You have to be innovative to create totally new ways of solving problems that can lead to a long-term solution" - DEFLI Diagnostic Founder on devoting his career to fight cancer, starting DELFI, and the rise of machine learning to combat disease.
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| 1.29.24 |
Patreon Jack Conte on the creator economy.
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| 1.16.24 |
Commonwealth Fusion Systems
Bob Mumgaard, co-founder and CEO of Commonwealth Fusion Systems, on why fusion energy will power mankind's energy needs.
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| 8.23.23 |
Cellares: Shuttling in a New Era of Cell Therapy
Cellares is on a mission to accelerate access to life-saving cell therapies around the world. We are excited to join them as part of their $255 million Series C financing.
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| 8.1.23 |
Dan Shapiro, Glowforge — Founder Story
Glowforge Co-Founder Dan Shapiro reveals that Pink Floyd kicked off his lifelong passion for harnessing the power of lasers and helping people create whatever they imagine.

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| 6.6.23 |
Nini Hamrick and Brett Granberg, Vannevar Labs — Founder Story
We have operating principles we recruit against. The first operating principle is always to put the mission first.
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| 5.4.23 |
The Midas Touch: Barry Schuler
DFJ Growth Partner Barry Schuler was named to the 2023 Forbes Midas List for his early investment in Unity, among other notable investments.
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| 1.18.23 |
Vannevar: Decrypting Defense
We are thrilled to announce our investment in Vannevar’s $75 million Series B as part of our expanding thesis and growing portfolio in the defense technology sector.
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| 12.12.22 |
A Compensation Conversation for 2023
DFJ Growth conducted our first annual compensation survey. Based on the results, we identified three areas that are a significant priority for decision-makers to address in 2023.
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| 12.2.22 |
Anduril — The Defense that Never Rests
Randy Glein and Kevin Tu give insight into DFJ Growth's investment in Anduril and why they feel it is one of the most important companies of our era, boldly innovating and ushering in a new wave of defense tech.
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| 10.11.22 |
Lucia Huang and Jimmy Qian, Osmind — Founder Story
Especially for first-time founders, there’s a lot that we’re learning. At the same time, it’s important to stay true to yourself and your leadership style and lead with authenticity.
More >
| 9.14.22 |
How to Create Hybrid Events with In-Person and Virtual Content
Hybrid events extend your reach, but there are challenges. DFJ Growth Marketing Partner Carol Wentworth on best practices when combining live events with virtual content.
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| 9.13.22 |
How to Pitch and Prep Your Speakers
DFJ Growth Marketing Partner Carol Wentworth on getting back to in-person events as a way to build visibility and raise profiles.
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| 7.19.22 |
Bob Mumgaard, Commonwealth Fusion Systems — Founder Story
"By the early 2000s, I realized that climate change was going to be a really, really, really big deal." Bob Mumgaard, founder and CEO, Commonwealth Fusion Systems
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| 7.18.22 |
The Oracle of Delfi: Finding Every Cancer Early
We are excited to announce DFJ Growth’s investment in Delfi Diagnostics, where we led the company’s $225 million Series B financing.
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| 6.22.22 |
Glowforge: The Creator’s Ultimate Personal Factory
We are thrilled to announce our investment in Glowforge’s $43 million Series E round as the company expands its lead in the 3D laser printer market.
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| 5.10.22 |
A Beautiful (Os)mind
DFJ Growth Partner Justin Kao on leading Osmind's $40 million Series B and why he believes Osmind is the future of personalized therapies.
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| 5.6.22 |
"The challenge in building something that is counterintuitive is that it’s counterintuitive." Everett Cook, Rho co-founder and CEO
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| 4.14.22 |
Barry Schuler: The Midas Touch
DFJ Growth Partner Barry Schuler was named to the 2022 Forbes Midas List for his early investment in
Coinbase. Congratulations, Barry!
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| 2.14.22 |
Databook: Accelerating Success in the New Era of Data-driven Sales
DFJ Growth is thrilled to announce our Series B investment in Databook. DFJ Growth's Sam Fort and Sam Shapiro give insight on the investment.
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| 12.14.21 |
Investors discuss web3’s present and peer into its future
DFJ Growth's Randy Glein and Sam Shapiro on the future of web3 and how web3 will create a new class of products unlike anything we interact with today.
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| 12.11.21 |
Five questions with … DFJ Growth’s Jocelyn Kinsey
Jocelyn Kinsey on the biggest issue DFJ Growth partners are thinking about and talking about.
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| 12.9.21 |
Rho, Rho, Rho the Boat … to Better Business Banking
We are excited to announce our investment in the $75 million Series B round for Rho, an emerging leader in digital-first business banking.
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| 12.1.21 |
Nuclear-Fusion Startup Lands $1.8 Billion as Investors Chase Star Power
“Everything is science fiction until someone does it and then all of a sudden it goes from impossible to inevitable,” said Bob Mumgaard, CEO, Commonwealth Fusion
More >
| 12.1.21 |
Energizing the Future with Commonwealth Fusion Systems
Commonwealth Fusion Systems is poised to build the world's first commercial fusion energy systems that will provide an abundant supply of clean power in the future; we are proud to partner with them as part of their $1.8 billion Series B financing.
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| 10.13.21 |
Announcing our new fund: DFJ Growth IV
We are thrilled to announce our fourth core growth fund, DFJ Growth IV. This pool of capital fuels our relentless pursuit of bold innovation and unbounded technological advancement.
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| 8.3.21 |
Not Until NotCo: The Future of Food is Here
We’re excited to announce our investment in NotCo, an innovative foodtech company that makes delicious plant-based dairy and meat products, as part of its $235 million Series D financing.
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| 7.15.21 |
Why “Make It, Don’t Fake It” is the Best Advice for Leaders
Sabrina Horn shares tips on how to "make it” authentically, instead of faking your way to success.
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| 5.26.21 |
Salt Security — Securing APIs, the Building Blocks of Modern Software Apps
DFJ Growth is excited to announce our investment in the $70 million Series C of Salt Security as they advance the modern security paradigm for APIs.
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| 5.20.21 |
Collective Health: DFJ Growth Founder Story
"Startups are fun. You push a button and something happens because there’s not a lot of bureaucracy and it’s a very tight feedback loop." Ali Diab, co-founder and CEO of Collective Health
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| 5.19.21 |
Sticky Storytelling
Sticky storytelling is an art — but it’s an art with a ton of work behind it. Communications execs Trevor Hammond and Mike Baker share their sticky-storytelling strategies.
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| 4.28.21 |
Sysdig — Securing the New Frontier of Container and Cloud-first Architectures
DFJ Growth is thrilled to announce our investment in Sysdig, the emerging leader in container and cloud-first security, as part of its $188 million Series F funding round.
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| 4.28.21 |
Alchemy — “Backing the Chain Gang”
"We’ve been preparing for this moment at DFJ Growth for the past seven years." DFJ Growth joins the Alchemy team with an investment in their Series B financing.
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| 4.14.21 |
Coinbase Fetches $85 Billion Valuation in Market Debut
“For both Coinbase and crypto, this is the graduation from the early, nascent days.” - DFJ Growth Partner Barry Schuler
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| 4.4.21 |
Coinbase: Coming-of-age moment for cryptocurrency
“There’s no question millennials and younger people gravitate toward crypto. They look at the traditional financial infrastructure and they see it as rigged, and they’re right.” - DFJ Growth Partner Barry Schuler
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| 3.20.21 |
Market fitness, and subsequent market leadership, can only be achieved by working intimately with customers. Manny Medina, co-founder and CEO of Outreach, talks about how his customers — and sales teams — steered the company to make the pivot that put Outreach on the path to success.
More >
| 3.20.21 |
The IPO process often leaves employees feeling powerless over their post-IPO destiny. Unity CEO John Riccitiello talks about their innovative UPO — “Unity Public Offering” — process and how well it worked for everyone.
More >
| 3.20.21 |
Software can be applied to a complex and diverse set of challenges. Splice co-founder and CEO Steve Martocci talks about how his company is applying software engineering excellence to the rapidly evolving needs of musicians to best serve this important creative community.
More >
| 3.20.21 |
Every journey is different, but all companies have to sustain values and culture as they grow. Mohit Aron, Cohesity founder and CEO, discusses how his company began by focusing on data backup and expanded by adding the right talent to serve their customer’s increasing data management needs.
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| 2.22.21 |
Splice gets $55 million to bring beats from bedrooms to bandstands
Splice, an AI-infused, beat-making software service for music producers, raised a $55 million financing round.
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| 2.22.21 |
Want to Make a Hit Record From Your Bedroom? Ask Splice.
Unknown Irish musician Shane Codd used music sampling service Splice to created a top 10 hit and get a lucrative record deal - now he's famous.
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| 2.18.21 |
How to Develop, Reinforce, and Live by Company Values
Internal communications consultant Daria Kissner shares information on how to reinforce company values that help inspire, inform, and connect colleagues — especially at a time when real-life connections among coworkers are hard to come by.
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| 1.29.21 |
Going Public: Creating and Communicating the Very Best IPO Experience
Communications leaders at DFJ Growth-backed Unity and Sumo Logic share lessons learned about going public in today’s IPO environment.
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| 11.20.20 |
Neocis: DFJ Growth Founder Story
Alon Mozes, co-founder and CEO of Neocis, shares his entrepreneurial journey and how he navigates the challenges of leading his company through a pandemic
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| 11.10.20 |
Hopping Into The Next Generation of Live Events
DFJ Growth is thrilled to announce our investment in Hopin, the emerging leader in virtual events, as part of its $ 125 million Series B financing.
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| 11.5.20 |
Insights from DFJ Growth's mental well-being webinar
Research psychologist Damian Vaughn, PhD, on coping with the pandemic era’s mental-health challenges.
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| 10.9.20 |
Rise of the Robots: Enter Neocis
Today, after hearing a wave of glowing reviews from highly accomplished leaders in the field, we are excited to announce our investment in Neocis as it lays the foundation for the future of dentistry and oral implant surgery.
More >
| 9.22.20 |
Unity shares close up 31% following market debut
Shares of video game software developer Unity jumped 31.44% in its market debut Friday on the New York Stock Exchange.
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| 9.18.20 |
Sumo Logic stock jumps 22% in latest target-topping Bay Area IPO
Shares of Sumo Logic Inc. jumped by slightly more than 22% Thursday after it raised about $326 million in the fourth target-topping IPO from the Bay Area this week.
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| 8.5.20 |
AI for a Better World — Moving in the Right Direction
DFJ Growth Kevin Tu on how AI is being used to uncover new opportunities, transform industries, and usher in positive change across the world.
More >
| 7.28.20 |
Changing Company Culture to Include Kids — and Keep Parents Sane
Gabriella Rosen Kellerman, the chief innovation officer for BetterUp, and Kim Vu, global head of diversity, equity, and inclusion at Remitly, share their strategies for lifting up parents and caregivers with both practical and emotional support.
More >
| 7.21.20 |
DFJ Growth Founder Stories
DFJ Growth portfolio company founders discuss their experiences, what they learned building companies, and give advice to other entrepreneurs.
More >
| 7.21.20 |
Innovium: DFJ Growth Founder Story
Innovium founder and CEO Rajiv Khemani on going "all in" and challenging conventional wisdom.
More >
| 7.9.20 |
When Business as Usual is Unusual, What Do You Do?
There is no playbook to help figure out the best strategy in a world suddenly turned upside down by the pandemic. Instead, it has been a time for constant improvisation as organizations discover through trial-and-error what works and what doesn’t.
More >
| 7.1.20 |
Leading by Example on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Information on how and where to start the tough (but necessary) conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusions at work.
More >
| 5.16.20 |
Covid-19 Dispatch: Barry Schuler
Harvard Business School Podcast, Managing the Future of Work: DFJ Growth partner, Barry Schuler, discusses risk mitigation, mentoring entrepreneurs through the crisis, and taking the long view.
More >
| 5.15.20 |
Formlabs: DFJ Growth Founder Story
CEO and co-founder Maxim Lobovsky on Formlabs and how 3D printing is revolutionizing industries and healthcare during the COVID-19 crisis.
More >
| 4.2.20 |
Sumo Logic: DFJ Growth Founder Story
Founder Christian Beedgen tells us how he went from driving a cab in Germany to landing an internship at Amazon in the late 1990s, and in 2010, co-founding the data analytics firm Sumo Logic.
More >