| 6.19.19 |
Surveillance Startup is ‘Tool for Good’
DFJ Growth led Series A in AnyVision, a facial recognition start-up that aims to "do good in the world."
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| 6.18.19 |
A Collective Effort: The Future of Employer-sponsored Healthcare
DFJ Growth's Jocelyn Kinsey on digital transformation in healthcare and why DFJ Growth invested in Collective Health.
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| 5.20.19 |
Clinc Raises $52M Series B
"We're adding world-class investors as we work to accelerate the pace of innovation and to reshape the AI landscape, one industry at a time." Clinc CEO Jason Mars on adding DFJ Growth to its Series B
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| 5.14.19 |
Periscope and Sisense: Better Together
Josh Stein on the Periscope Data and Sisense  merger and how it creates the single most powerful business intelligence
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| 12.20.18 |
DFJ Growth Founder Stories
DFJ portfolio company founders discuss their experiences, what they learned building companies, and give advice to other entrepreneurs.
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| 12.19.18 |
The Growth Journey: Surviving Success
DFJ Growth Partners Sam Fort and Mark Bailey examine the “growth journey,” sharing practical advice passed along by entrepreneurs and executives about how to navigate the primary challenge at each phase.
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| 10.25.18 |
Backing the AI Revolution
DFJ Growth is pleased and excited to announce our investment in DataRobot, an emerging leader in automated machine learning for predictive modeling. This investment is part of our ongoing investment thesis in artificial intelligence (AI) and our growing portfolio of AI-powered companies.
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| 10.24.18 |
Yellowbrick — Disrupting Data Analytics in a Flash
DFJ Growth co-leads Yellowbrick $48 million Series B financing round.
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| 10.17.18 |
Anaplan IPO
Enterprise planning software company Anaplan is now trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker PLAN. Anaplan CEO Frank Calderoni talks about the IPO
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| 6.20.18 |
Immuta — The Brave New World of AI and Data Science
DFJ Growth led a $20 million Series B round in Immuta, an emerging disruptive leader providing data management for data science offering a new way for companies to apply policies, regulation, and controls to ensure appropriate data governance and compliance.
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| 5.21.18 |
Outreach raises $65 million
Customer engagement platform Outreach raised $65 million in a Series D
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| 4.12.18 |
A Ring to Rule Them All
Today marks the beginning of a new chapter for Ring, as they have now been officially acquired by Amazon. Congratulations to Jamie Siminoff and the entire team at Ring! We are honored that you invited DFJ Growth along for the first leg of your epic journey.
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| 4.3.18 |
DFJ Growth's Randy Glein on Forbes Midas List
DFJ Growth Partner Randy Glein has been named to this year's Forbes Midas List, due in part to Ring's $1 billion acquisition by Amazon.
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